Unveil the powerful super TV box that can replace your traditional TV.


TV box are incredible versatile device with the plug and play interface to watch all your favorite streaming. However, most TV box can only provide access to the limited number of the channels. In order to watch some channels, you need to pay some extra bucks per month that is quiet bit annoying.

TV box needs to be powerfull enough so they can play all your favorite games without any lagging issues. Most TV box has limited number of the ram and storage that doesn’t provide enough space to store all of the favorite apps.

Introducing the ubox9 super TV box that is powered by latest processor to play your all of favorite live streaming. It comes with the latest Android update with the increased ram and memory as compared to the previous generation ubox8.


Get access to 2000+ free live channels worldwide

With the ubox 9 you can watch 2000+ TV live channels for free including the rich resources of movies, arts an Adult. Backed by the 24-hour online service and technical maintenance for life. You can enjoy channels at any place around the world with zero lag and 100% Free. With the the Free OTA update you need to pay once and enjoy the channels forever.

Meet Your daily needs

With the variety of TV series, shows, children’s stories and documentaries ubox 9 is an inhouse cinema that meets all your entertainment needs. Cinema blockbusters covers huge collection of Hollywood, Chinese and other languages movies that can be watched at any time.

Enjoy full performance with advanced H616 processor

Ubox9 is powered by the advanced H616 processor with the reduced power consumption and upgraded performance. Created by the professional engineers that will bring you a different and enjoyable experience. With the AI power assistant use the voice command to operate the TV box remotely.

Watch the clarity with 6k HD picture quality

Enjoy the clarity in every scene with the high definition 6k picture quality. You can watch the high frame rate video in Full HD video quality.

Android 10.0 System

Ubox9 comes with the simpler, smarter and more versatile Android 10.0 system. The operating system has a right balance with the technology for you and your family. With the easy-to-use voice search and Chromecast delivers the whole world of content for your family.

4G+64G Large Memory

With the large 64G of storage space there is no need to uninstall the software to run large programs. Ubox9 comes with the double memory and storage as compared to the previous generation. The 4G DDR3 ram can bring you a smooth experience with the improved performance.

2.4G+5G Dual-Band WIFI

Ubox9 supports both dual band 2.4G and 5G connectivity for foster wireless transmission. The strong anti-interfere able ability gives more stable wireless link with foster network speed. Enjoy the speed you needs with dual band WIFI connectivity.


As we’ve seen, the ubox tv box is a great way to get access to all your favorite streaming content. There’s no need to worry about buffering or latency issues, and you can even record live TV if you want to watch it later. Whether you’re a cord-cutter or just looking for an alternative to your current cable TV package, the ubox tv box is definitely worth considering.


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